Wednesday, February 21, 2018
FOBHL April 2016 Board Meeting
Lovell Community Center
April 14, 2016

Jerry conducted the meeting, 

Present were, Ken, Keith, Tom, Jerry, Lynn, Joe A. and one member from Powell 

The meeting was held following the Big Horn River System Issues Group spring meeting in Lovell. 
Meeting Summary:

About 55 people were there, BOR, Wyoming Game &Fish, Park Service, WAPA, Montana FWP, FOBHL, Crow Agency, Enzi and Barrasso reps, Lovell Chronicle, Big Horn County and Wyoming Water Resources. Topics presented were; water operations, forecasts, sediment studies, Crow Agency projects, meeting criteria and evaluation. Good turnout and discussion. 

FOBHL provided the snacks and lunch at noon.


No new board officers were elected.
The new windsock for HS Bend has not been ordered yet.

Jerry went over finances, approx $2400 came in from membership renewal letters.



Ken will contact GK Construction to clean Kane ramp, then notify Bob M at Fire dept to wash it. 

(GK already has the cleaning scheduled and will let Bob C know when it is done)



Approved full page ad in Park County Dining guide and the Mustang Guide will be out soon.

Discussed NPS budget being mostly spent at North end.  John Bundy mentioned to Tom Newman that he considers anything south of Day Board 9 as South end.  Our board members assumed South end was South of Devils canyon or at the most South of Barry's. 

FOBHL needs to map out where we would like Boat mooring buoys (for boaters to use for day or overnight stay) and give to NPS for approval, and then FOBHL will oversee installation. 

Locations discussed: Contact a board member if you would like to suggest other locations.


1@ Devils Canyon, 
2 in Crooked Creek bay, 
1 @ cliffs going into Crooked Creek, 

1 in South Narrows
1 at Abercrombie
2 along red cliffs
2 in South Lake.

6 buoys are currently available from BICA, Ken will find out how much these cost for FOBHL to consider buying more.


Joe will bring a map to next meeting so we can pin point exact locations. 
NPS mentioned to Lynn or Jerry the need for some maps,  they need to gather more info before proceeding.  Ken will ask Lynn and Jerry to gather more info for the May board meeting.
Discussed need for more young Lovell board members,  We all need to keep eyes open for recruits. 

Discussed ideas on how to assist Mark Garrison with boat rental services.  Currently we do not have enough info to make any decisions, but board is open to assisting if it makes sense.


Ken will gather more details for next meeting.

Next meeting should be in Powell, May 10th, 6:30pm at PV Chamber building. 

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