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Board Meeting Minutes
Lovell - Bighorn Federal Mtg Rm
May 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Steve
Approval of March minutes: Motion by Lynn Second by Jerry
All board members except Ken (who was excused) were present
Welcome Elaine Harvey (26th District Rep.)
BICA items:
A report was made by Lynn & Jerry on Earth Day April 18. There was a very small attendance and the weather turned bad.
The new log boom at HS Bend is still high and dry???? It froze in at 3634' in Dec now lake is 3622', a 12' drop, also part of it is buried by a rock slide. The lake will not get high enough to float the log boom off the rocks this year. . . . . Now what?
Keith and Elaine will meet with Supt John Bundy on Wed at 1:30pm to discuss concerns about the lake. Other board members that can attend are invited.
The Mustang Day Fireworks committee will meet at the BICA VC this week. The board decided they had no items for the meeting and will not be in attendance.
There was a discussion about sending Elaine and Keith to DC this summer to meet with NPS, USBR and congressional leaders about the sediment issue on Bighorn Lake. A decision will be reached in the coming weeks.
FOBHL items:
Reports were given on April meetings:
Bighorn Lake Sediment Study Funding meeting in Lovell
This meeting was like taking a step back in time 6 years with no real direction from the USBR. They seem to expect FOBHL to take the lead.
Spring Big Horn River System Issues Group meeting in Lovell;
Several presentations were made by agencies involved including FOBHL. USBR wants to make some adjustments to the operating criteria for the Rule Curve.
Spring YT water operations mtg in Billings:
The usual info was given by the USBR for the water management plan for the summer months. There will be below normal water storage to manage so adjustments have been made to all stakeholder uses.
Jerry gave the financial report and a summary of the 2015 membership drive.
The board decided to not pursue further cell phone coverage at Horseshoe Bend.
The YT Reservoir Conference calls will be every two weeks until further notice.
2015 Bighorn Lake Celebration on July 18, 2015 – The names of folks willing to give the free boat rides was reviewed. We still need several more boats. Tom has the liability insurance coverage setup and will finish the process. The need for a liability policy covering the board members is under review.
The weekly mountain snow runoff report is near 60% of normal. We could use some spring rains to increase the reservoir storage!
The next board meeting will be in Powell on June 9 at 6:30pm at the PVCC Rm.
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