Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Board Meeting Minutes
PVCC Mtg Room
June 10, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – by Steve
Approval of May email minutes: Motion by Ken Second by Lynn
BICA items:
Docks, slips and restrooms will be installed as water levels come up.
HS Bend dock needs some of the float hangers repaired? Some new wheels have been installed to replace the broken ones. The dock is in at the HS Bend ramp and the new yellow log booms are being installed also.
FOBHL items:
The new Billboard looks great and has received a lot of comments of appreciation! We thank all who helped in such a generous way! Ken will write a letter of thank you to those who helped, for all board members to sign! This letter will be mailed out.
Jerry L – presented the monthly financial report! We appreciate all the effort he makes keeping the finances in order!
The 2014 Mustang Guide is available and copies were passed out to board members.
Ben Zeller gave a report on the Triathlon advertising and sign up so far. The registration is slow right now but will pickup, the event is still 5 weeks away. He was ask to attend the July meeting too.
2014 Bighorn Lake Celebration is on July 19, 2014. Assignments, Permit and insurance, advertizing, etc were reviewed. All assignments are covered.
FOBHL Annual Corp registration is due, Jerry will change the officer info, mailing and emailing address. The annual fee has already been paid.
YT lake level increasing slower now that weather is more normal.
Elevation of 3619' today.
Lynn reported on the YT Reservoir Conference calls still being held on a 2 week basis. The present plan is to have the outflow at 5000cfs for the river and 500 cfs for the BIA canal by Thursday. Both Boysen and Buffalo Bill reservoirs are holding water in order to fill thus their outflows are much less. YT will fill by July 1 unless it gets extra hot, then filling will happen sooner.
After a short discussion Steve was nominated as president and elected to that office by the full board. All 8 directors were present this evening. Everyone expressed their support and confidence in Steve doing a good job!
Bob shared his encounter with a friendly local law officer on Monday morning serving him with a subpoena for FOBHL. There is a civil case pending in United States District Court – District of Wyoming in Cheyenne, that deals with a motorcycle accident a few years ago on highway 37 north of the Shoshone River bridge. We had attended a couple of meetings several years before dealing with the railroad crossing and dirty road issues in that area so we and others at the meetings are now being asked some questions by the court.
The next board meeting will be in Lovell on July 8, 2014 at 6:30pm BH Fed mtg room.
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