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Board Meeting Minutes
Bighorn Federal Mtg Room
May 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – By Steve
Approval of April email minutes: Motion by Joe Second by Ken
Welcome: visitor Tom Newman
BICA items:
Jerry, Lynn and Bob reported on Earth Day April 26, in Lovell. They felt it was a success, needed more visitors (other local activities took many families elsewhere), the AIS info went well. Lynn is re-certified as an AIS inspector.
The windsock at HS Bend is working fine. We thank Don with BICA for installing it promptly.
Both web cams are now working at HS Bend. You can access them from the FOBHL web site or the Bighorn Canyon NPS site, in the plan your visit section.
The Hidden Treasurer Charter tour boats will not be working nor will the HS Bend Marina be open until we have water at HS Bend. This will likely be around mid June.
HS Bend dock needs some of the float hangers repaired. BICA is looking into the options for this repair. Maybe replace them or repair the hangers, etc. We have offered to help if needed.
The bottom end of the Kane ramp needs to be cleaned again since the river stage has dropped due to the high inflow sweeping away the sediment in the river channel. The river level now is 3 to 4 ' lower in stage than a month ago when it was cleaned. GK Construction will do this next week. This has never happened since the dock was reopened in 2007. (this happened since our brd mtg)
FOBHL items:
The large billboard east of Lovell will be going up this week. Rky Mtn Power has donated the poles and the installation. Craig Walker Construction has been awarded the bid to build the sign faces. He will start construction the end of this week. The vinyl signs will then be installed by a sign company from Cody, WY. This billboard will give visible insight to travelers about Bighorn Canyon and the Wild Mustang Range.
Jerry L presented the monthly financial reports. We have received a few more membership renewals recently. We thank everyone for their generous donations and support!!! Thank to Jerry for his service as Treasurer!
The 2014 Mustang Guide is being printed and will be available soon. The Dining Guide with our ads will be in the traveler locations as well.
The 2014 Bighorn Lake Celebration on July 19th is getting closer so the board began a review of the many assignments needing attention. Bob will email the 2013 list out for all to review and comment on. Some assignments were completed tonight. Bob was ask to invite Ben Zeller to the next meeting in Powell to discuss the Triathlon planning and concerns.
Mountain snow pack is reported to be 124 – 150% of normal in the 3 water sheds. The cooler days recently has slowed the melt but once warmer days and nights gets continuous we will have a lot of water to handle in the three systems.
YT lake level dropping/raising this week (3604) to handle high inflows
No boat launching in April or May this spring – the target low elevation is still 3600'.
Lynn, Steve and Bob have been on the recent YT Reservoir Conference calls. We must keep visible to the group and state our case often as they do. The calls are still on a 2 week basis. However today a special call was held to discuss the increased out flow from Boysen and Buffalo Bill reservoirs totally 1100cfs. YT will increase outflow to the river by 1000 over the next two days to pass this extra water on down the system. Bob was ask to notify the USBR that Steve will be the FOBHL contact person from the board.
Reports on the USBR spring operations meeting in Billings April 10 and the BH River System Issues Group Meeting in Lovell on April 16 were given and discussed. The most important topic to us was the sediment study. We need to get it back and moving forward again after a 2 year delay. Bob will work with Brent Esplin, Montana Area Manager of the USBR on how to proceed. A lot of work was done over a 4 year period and we don't want to loose that data and the suggested plan for sediment retention and removal.
Following our discussion, Ken presented Tom Newman to be a new board member. Tom is the local State Farm Insurance Agent and very passionate about Bighorn Lake and its future. He and his family enjoy the water recreation provided by the Lake. The vote was unanimous to add Tom to the board. He accepted pending an okay from the State Farm Insurance Company.
The next board meeting will be in Powell June 10, 2014 at 6:30pm PVCC room
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