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Board Meeting Minutes
Powell – PVCC Mtg Rm
February 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of January minutes: Motion by Jerry Second by Steve
(Board members Lynn and Ferrell were excused)
BICA items:
The possibility of doing a driftwood project was discussed. The consensus of the board was to not take this on this year. We will spend our time and resources in other ways at BICA.
We will have a booth at the Earth Day April 26 in Lovell 10am to 1pm. AIS education will be part of what we do. Other ideas are being considered.
Helping with the flag at Horseshoe Bend is on our list of sponsored activities this spring. Steve will be meeting with BICA in 2 weeks to discuss several items.
The lawn and picnic area at Horseshoe bend was a hot topic again. We feel a major work over will be necessary to improve this wonderful place many visitors use.
There definitely needs to be some type of dock structure at the new Jim Creek restroom since it was funded for boater use it needs to have access. We intend to visit with management about what we can do to help provide this access!
FOBHL items:
Ken is working with the property owners where our new billboard east of Lovell maybe located. We have everything ready to build this structure and keep it functional over the years. The EZ Dock, destination dock is still under consideration with WGF motor boat gas tax funding.
A Bighorn Lake Sediment Study Funding meeting is being planned by the USBR. We are way behind in our schedule due to changes of so much leadership in the committee from the various agencies.
Jerry L presented the financial report for Jan and examples of the 2014 membership drive letter. He and Ken will finalize the document to be sent out the end of February.
A possible boat rinse station at Horseshoe Bend was discussed again with some alternate options being considered. Steve will include this in his BICA visit soon.
2014 Bighorn Lake Celebration is rescheduled for Saturday July 19, 2014
The three watershed's SWE% snow ppt report values increased some this past week. The monthly YT Reservoir Conference calls continue on a monthly basis until March then go to every two weeks.
Craig Amadio, the new WGF regional fisheries supervisor in the Cody region will attend our next meeting.
The next board meeting will be in Lovell March 11, 2014 at 6:30pm BH Fed meeting room.
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