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Board Meeting Agenda
Lovell - Bighorn Federal Mtg Rm
Sept 10, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of July minutes: Motion by Joe Second by Steve
Welcome Acting BICA Superintendent Cassidy Bromley
BICA items:
Cass visited with us and addressed the BICA agenda items!
The Water Trails and kayak project was very successful this summer. They plan to continue the program in the future unless funding is cut. FOBHL Director Steve reported on his part which was the mapping of possible camp sites in the canyon at various lake elevations. This program gives non motorized boat owners the opportunity to enjoy the canyon!
The second web cam at Horseshoe Bend gives a 360 degree view of the area. We have had a lot of good comments by the park visitors who enjoy using it. This is a link to the camera 1 and 2
The PWC regulations for BICA are a result of Congressional legislation later amended by a few select parks to allow the use of PWC 's on their water ways. In order for any adjustments to be made in the water areas of use on Big Horn Lake it would have to be addressed in a new Environmental Assessment, and a new regulation would need to be created in Washington. This is a link to the regulations (go to the bottom of the page)
A report on the status of the WGF motor boat gas tax funded projects: 1-new log boom will be stored for the winter then installed next spring, 2-the on shore rest room at Jim Ck will be installed by Nov 1, 3-Kane ramp ramp extension will occur this month. There will be a press release soon indicating the dates the Kane ramp will be closed for construction.
There is a plan being developed for the Horseshoe Bend area dealing with water use, the beach/lawn area, and campground development. Also a plan is in progress for the Visitor Center in Lovell considering ways to better utilize this facility and it's lawn area.
FOBHL items:
Progress is still being made for a Billboard east of Lovell at the junction.
Bighorn Lake Sediment Study Funding will be a major topic of discussion at the upcoming USBR fall meetings in Billings. We encourage members to attend this meeting. It will be held Thursday, November 7 from 9am to 3pm at the MSU downtown campus in Billings. The Issues Group Meeting will be in the morning and the Fall Water Management meeting in the afternoon. Lunch will be on your own over the noon hour.
Jerry L presented the financial reports and results of the second mailing to members for renewal of their membership. We will consider the need to do this second mailing again next fall.
Hidden Treasure Boat Tours and Marina have had a very productive summer ! The tour boat service has been busy, especially with the tour bus groups. They will continue to offer tours into early October. The marina is closed for the season now. They look forward to the 2014 season!
The lake level in Boysen Reservoir is really low down 18 ft while Buffalo Bill and YT are near normal for this time of the year. The precipitation forecast for this fall and winter is for another dry one. The USBR plan is to manage all three reservoirs in the system conservatively.
YT Reservoir Conference calls continue on a monthly basis.
The next board meeting will be in Powell on Oct 8 at 6:30pm at PVCC Rm
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