Monday, February 19, 2018

 FOBHL Board Meeting

July 9,2013
Bighorn Federal Mtg Room
Lovell, WY
Welcome by Bob Croft
All board members present with Ken and Lynn excused
Some VIPs will work at the Lovell VC on Thursday from 9am to 2pm while BICA holds it's annual staff get-together at the Ewing Snell Ranch.
The lawn at Horseshoe Bend has been a Hot Button topic in our area for the summer. They have begun to water it somewhat. Cottonwood trees are being allowed to grow in some of the area too. They are developing a new management plan for lawns in the NPS to conserve water and natural issues. There is a plan for the large lawn area at the VC too. There will be a lot less grass and some public use space for out door events.
The USBR conference call next week will include a discussion on the funding process for the BHLake sedimentation study. Lenny is retiring and there needs to be a new contact person for the group so the process keeps moving ahead.
The water trails program is doing well and the kayak tours are a big hit! All the schedules are full and the public is wanting more.
The USBR conference calls since our last meeting are focused on keeping storage for all users to have to use in the coming months. There is discussion of lowering the outflow to conserve more storage soon, since the high water runoff is already over. There is a great cooperative attitude among the BHRS Issues Group for we are all very aware of each others needs!
Jerry gave the financial report and we still have outstanding invoices from the celebration to pay. The celebration covers its own costs anymore.
Ben Zeller reported that the Triathlon was another great success with 123 contestants.
He has received many positive comments on the event and we appreciate all they did to pull this off!
The free boat rides were a hit again this year with 455 rides given slightly up from last year. The poor weather in the beginning slowed down the crowd early. There were 14 boats running this year. We reviewed all aspects of the day and noted changes for next time.
July 5 will be our Celebration date in 2014.
We will not meet in August but will use email to share items as needed. 
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