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Board Meeting Minutes
Lovell - Bighorn Federal Mtg Rm
May 14, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of April minutes: Motion by Jerry Second by Steve
All board members were present plus one guest.
BICA items:
Water trails project is progressing nicely with training coming soon for personel and NWC folks. The program will be introduced at our 2013 Bighorn Lake Celebration.
The hinge plates on the public Horseshoe Bend dock are being re-welded to correct damage done last fall by water/wind action. Missing screws and washers were also replaced in the rubber bumpers.
The Hwy14AE Causeway repair project is still on going. So there will be some short traffic delays from time to time.
Steve reported on the possible boat rinse area at Horseshoe Bend and his involvement in the water trails mapping project of the camping areas in the canyon for boaters.
Ken reported that funds were still needed for the boat fuel project at the Horseshoe Bend Marina. He will write a letter for the Lovell Chronicle, asking for donations to this effort.
A second web cam has been installed at Horseshoe Bend and should be on line soon.
FOBHL items:
Bighorn Lake Sediment Study Funding effort is being directed by Lenny from the MT Area office of the USBR. He plans to have a conference call soon with the sediment committee to finalize the details.
Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce spring meeting will be on Monday May 20 at noon in the NHCC mtg room. John Nickle will represent FOBHL and give a 10 minute presentation about our summers activities at Bighorn Canyon.
Jerry L provide the financial reports and renewal of membership report. We are pleased at the renewals this year. Once again members, please try to invite others to join FOBHL!!!
Hidden Treasure Boat Tours are excited about their new tour boat for canyon tours this summer. The initial announcement by NPS to not open Yellowstone on time caused some cancellations just as it affected other Cody businesses. They hope to regain some of these lost reservations.
Snow levels in the all 3 drainage’s are below normal since the hot weather hit. There will be no extra water this year and YT will not fill unless we get a lot of spring rains. YT will get close to full which should not hamper any recreation activities. The present elevation is 3625', 15 ft below full. All boat launches are open and will be this season.
Lynn and Steve reported on the USBR YT Reservoir Conference calls of April 23, May 7 &14. With the warm temps the snow pack has declined dramatically 40 to 45% less in the past week. The USBR is discussing reducing outflow to 1750 cfs next week and ask Montana interests to prepare for lower flows. Boysen and YT will not fill this year. Everyone wants to have water storage that can be used in the coming months to protect the various uses.
2013 BH Lake Celebration assignments were reviewed and adjustments made. Everything will follow the plan as outlined for last year but Ben expects more folks in the Triathlon. The directors will keep Bob C informed as they accomplish their assignments or need help in any way.
The next board meeting will be in Powell on June 11 at 6:30pm at PVCC Rm.
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