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Board Meeting Minutes
Lovell Community Center
April 11, 2013 at 3:30 pm
(Board meeting held after the Bighorn River System Issues Group meeting)
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C (special welcome to Steve Keil a new director)
Approval of March minutes: Motion by Jerry Second by Joe
BICA items:
BICA report today?
Mel McArthur in charge of south end maintenance crew presently
BICA Water Ways Trails plan was funded and approved.
Horseshoe bend dock to be welded and attached back to the dock soon
Kane ramp was cleaned by GK Construction - we thank them again for their support.
The Hwy14A Causeway repair project is on going for a few weeks yet.
Earth Day is April 20 lets support it.
Board members finished filling out their 2013 VIP forms today.
BICA Budget is a Continuing Resolution less 5% + sequestration cuts.
Ken reported on the plan to provide boat fuel at the Horseshoe Bend Marina. FOBHL agreed to give some financial support to the project up to $4000. We should know in a few days the final outcome.
Superintendent Jerry Case announced in today's meeting that he will be retiring and going with his wife to work in western Africa in mid July. He has been an outstanding superintendent, helping promote the canyon and its water resources to the world! We will miss them but wish them well on this new adventure!!
FOBHL items:
Ken reported that the new billboard east of Lovell is still very possible.
Jerry L gave the financial reports and renewal membership responses. We appreciate all who have renewed and encourage all of us to invite others to join FOBHL.
Snow levels in the 3 drainage’s are much lower than normal even with the recent snows. The reservoir will fill by July and with continued good management should go into the fall with the desired fall/winter storage.
The next YT Reservoir Conference call will be on April 23 at 1:30pm.
Steve and Ferrell reported on USBR spring water meeting in Billings April 4. We also received an update in today's meeting.
We all felt the Bighorn River System Issues Group meeting to day was a success. There were fewer total people present but all groups were represented. Budget cuts and sequestration impacted the number coming from the various government agencies.
Lynn and Jerry attended the water meeting in Powell on March 13. Buffalo Bill Reservoir will be close to average this year since it has the best snow pack.
The 2013 Bighorn Lake Celebration is fast approaching....all seems to be on time.
The next board meeting will be in Lovell on May 14 at 6:30pm at BH Federal meeting room.
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