Monday, February 19, 2018


Board Meeting Minutes
Fire Hall Mtg Room
Feb 12, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of Jan minutes: Motion by Joe Second by Ken
Welcome guests: Steve, Ben
BICA items:
The end of Jan the WGF and BICA personal did an on site tour to finalize details for projects to be funded by the Wyo motor boat gas tax grant money. These projects should be finished by early summer.
Board members filled out their 2013 VIP forms tonight. The Artist in Residence program continues to take applications for this summer.
Budget cuts may influence what happens at BICA this season including the hiring of new personal. The new Chief of Maintenance is Curtis Rintz coming to us from Arizona and will be here in March.
We received the Water ways trail plan proposal from BICA and support this wonderful addition to allow access to the Canyon by non motorized craft. More details will be available later.
Ken reported on the plan to provide boat fuel at the Horseshoe Bend Marina. He is on a committee made up of local people, BICA and a gas pump consultant to put together how to do it. Progress is still being made toward this goal!
FOBHL items:
TCTwest has again donated TV time every day on their local channels to promote Bighorn Canyon. They are continually great supporters of local causes!!
The Web cam at Horseshoe Bend Marina continues to be a popular addition to our web site. The new IT person for BICA is working to check out other internet uses at the HSBend area; such as possible wireless access and cell phone boaster service.
Ben Zeller reviewed his plan for the 2013 Triathlon event during the 2013 Bighorn Lake Celebration on July 6. Each director is continuing to do their prep work for this event.
Ken reported on his visit with the land owners we have contacted concerning locating a new billboard on their property. It looks promising that we will have a location to use by spring.
We appreciate Jerry L preparing the financial reports for the meeting. Ken is writing the renewal letter for the directors to approve.
Snow levels in the 3 drainage’s are lower than normal again. With the dry soil conditions in the mountains runoff will be much reduced in the spring. There is plenty of time for some wet snow yet.
The bill board at Rockvale still has our sign on it. We canceled it last fall....
thanks for the donated advertizing.
Bob reported on the Feb USBR YT Reservoir Conference call. All are concerned about the low snow packs in the mountains and if we need to reduce outflow from YT to conserve storage for later in the year. This decision will be made in March.
Ferrell and Joe will attend the Spring water meeting in Worland. Lynn and Jerry may be able to attend the one in Powell?
The next board meeting will be in Lovell on Mar 12 at 6:30pm
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