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Board Meeting Minutes
Bighorn Federal Mtg Room
Jan 8, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of Oct & Nov email updates: Motion by Joe Second by John
Welcome guests: Christy Fleming and Shawn Williams – Bighorn Canyon Nat Rec Area A new member of FOBHL was also in attendance tonight.
BICA items:
Projects to be funded by the Wyo motor boat gas tax grant money will be done before June. These include: Log Boom – HSBend, Slips – HSBend, Restroom at Jim Creek, Ramp extension at north Kane ramp and a river ramp at the south boundary,
Christy and Shawn - presentation on VIP program. Artist in Residence program &
up coming park events. Several projects were discussed that can be done by VIP's in the coming months. A list will be sent out soon.
The 2011 BICA Budget will be a continuing resolution less 1%.
The Long Range Interpretive Plan and the Visitor Center remodel project are still progressing.
Several new personnel will begin working at BICA in the coming months. Most changes are due to staff retirement or reassignment.
The effort to get fuel at the Horseshoe Bend Marina is still alive and being discussed by all parties involved. Another meeting will be held in the next 2 weeks.
The restroom vandalism at Horseshoe Bend is still being investigated. BICA would appreciate the reporting of such activity or damage as soon as possible.
FOBHL items:
The web cam at Horseshoe Bend Marina gets a lot of use. Now that BICA has a full time IT person we will be meeting with him to discuss the future of web cams and other internet uses in the park.
The Bighorn Lake Sediment Management Study continues to move forward as funding is sought from all the stake holders for the Reconnaissance Study Scope. All stakeholders will be benefited by extending the life of YT Reservoir. Bighorn County (WY) Commissioners have submitted a written statement to the USBR of their pledged financial and local resources available to help out. FOBHL will issue a letter to the USBR stating it's initial financial donation and an offer of local assistance . The initial amount the board approved is $2000.
The the plan for the July 6, 2013 Bighorn Lake Celebration was discussed. No changes are presently being considered for this event.
The Board is still in search of a prime location for the large BICA-Pryor Mtn Mustang billboard east of Lovell.
Jerry L presented the financial reports, fall membership renewal results and a plan for 2013 renewals. The board unanimously approved his plan of sending out letters in February and August.
Snow levels in all three river drainage’s are well below normal thus far. The storage in all reservoirs is above average however. The USBR is doing a good job of managing these systems.
Today's USBR YT Reservoir Conference call was very informative. The new USBR Montana Area Manager Brent Esplin was on the call with us. Brent, we welcome you back, now as our new manager! It's wonderful to have someone return who already understands the YT reservoir system!!
The next board meeting will be in Powell on Feb 12 at 6:30pm
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