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FOBHL Board Email Update
Oct-Nov 2012

The on land gas pump project is still moving forward for Horseshoe Bend. So far the results are positive for having gas next boating season.

The Bighorn River System Issues Group Meeting in Billings in Oct was very well attended and all were in a cooperative sharing mode. We were well represented by the county, Town of Lovell and FOBHL. The hot item being worked on presently is funding for the south lake sedimentation ponds reconnaissancestudy. All government agencies and others will be asked to contribute funding or donated services to accomplish this project. Lenny Duberstein should be back at the Billings USBR office soon to take over the lead on this project once more. Web links for details


We have no new information on the the future location of our large billboard east of Lovell, Ferrell and Joe continue to work on this.

The fall fishing at the lake has been very good as reported by a lot of shore and boat fisherman! There are several rigs in the parking lots any day of the week.

The American Flag at the Horseshoe Bend Marina has been removed since the outside lights have been shut off for the winter. A new Marina type red and white flag is now flying, this was donated by FOBHL. We continue to receive a lot of positive comments about having the nice web cam at the Marina!! (even from foreign emails)

The fall Yellowtail Reservoir water operations meeting last week was attended by Bighorn County Commissioner Keith Grant, Lovell town councilman, Brian Dickson and Bob Croft for FOBHL. The rest of the group were a couple of river guides with the other attendees being from various state and federal government agencies. The presentations were very well done and the group was in agreement as to the winter release schedule, that should be emailed out any day. All three of the river drainage’s are experiencing lower than normal inflows thus far. The very dry soil moisture levels in the high country will have a big impact on the spring runoff once again. The lake is holding at 3632 ft of elevation. Meeting ppt link below.


There is still no real insight as to the cause of the damage to the new Horseshoe Bend gangway and dock a few weeks ago. It has been put back together enough to finish out the fall boating season then it will be taken in for major repairs.

The items purchased with the Wyoming motor boat fuel tax monies are still slated to be in place by next season. The WFG contract engineer overseeing all the projects has been on-site recently getting more data.

The Afterbay gate project will continue until the weather is too cold then it will resume in the spring. The new power line attachments to the YT dam have been completed.

Take a drive north into Bighorn Canyon to check out the new Two Eagles Interpretive Site and the new camp sites, etc at Barry's Landing.

After hearing back from the FOBHL board members it appears that we are not in favor of sending a letter of support for the possible proposed Wyoming legislation dealing with wanton waste. (The wanton waste issue is one reason WGF have problems instituting a must kill regulation on an illegally introduced game species like walleye in Buffalo Bill Reservoir and Burbot in the Green River Drainage. This legislation will give the WGF commission the authority to determine the waters where this wanton waste can take place for specific species. )



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