Wednesday, February 21, 2018


FOBHL Board email update for September 2012


The August meeting minutes were approved by email.
BICA items:

The 2012 BICA Superintendent's Compendium document will be posted on the web soon.

Another effort is under way to provide boat fuel at the Horseshoe Bend Marina.

WGF and BICA are once again in communication on the motor boat gas tax purchased items from 2 years ago. We are hopeful the items will be installed by next boating season.
FOBHL items:
USBR conference calls since our last meeting covered; the water management of YT which is following the rule curve closely. The shutting down of the YT power plant October 15 - 26 so the new transmission lines can be hooked up. YT lake elevation should be increasing by the end of September. Afterbay dam gate repairs will continue until cold weather, when it will stop until spring.

September YT water management plan shows an end of month elevation of 3629 ft. Today (9/17) the elevation is 3627.6 ft. The outflow to the Bighorn River is still 1750cfs, what it will change to for the winter is yet to be determined.
The next Big Horn River Issue Group meeting will be in Billings on October 3 from 10am to 3pm at the MSU downtown campus. An agenda and map location is forth coming. Please plan on attending this important meeting!

The winter YT water management meeting will also be in Billings on November 8th at 7pm. We are awaiting further details and will notify you once info is received.

The August AIS report indicated that 38,209 decals had been sold to date for a revenue of $467,445. That represents resident and non-resident boaters. With 85% of Wyoming's registered watercraft accounted for. Inspection summary; 35,591 Std inspections, 204 High risk inspections with 92 decontaminations required.

We will not meet in October due to attending the October 3 meeting in Billings. An October email update will be sent to directors.
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