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Board Meeting Minutes
PVCC Meeting Room
August 14, 2012 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of July minutes:Motion by JerrySecond by Lynn 
BICA items:
On July 12 we had 8 VIP's  serve in the Lovell VC with over 100 guests receiving assistance that day. This was an enjoyable time for all of us who helped! 
Responses to the BICA Superintendent Compendium document were discussed. Overall most comments we received were constructive and had suggestions for how to improve a situation or concern. The board thanks all who took the time to respond!
A BICA VIP appreciation picnic will be held on Aug 17 at the Horseshoe Bend picnic area at 7pm. All board members and spouses are invited. FOBHL will be receiving another VIP service award. We thank all of you who give of your time each year serving at BICA in many ways!
Another effort is underway to provide fuel at the Horseshoe Bend Marina dock.  There is opportunity to purchase a card gas delivery system at a very good price. FOBHL support this new effort.
Plans for a group camp site near the lower Horseshoe Bend parking area are being considered and we support this much needed addition.
It was reported that there is a large Russian Olive tree in Devils Canyon on the north shore in from the river about 1/8 of a mile. We will report this to the BICANatural Resources Division for removal.
FOBHL items:
Lynn and Bob reported on the USBR conference calls since our last meeting. The lake levels are following closely the Rule Curve and storage is being conserved for later. Also the power generation turbines will be shut down for about 10 days to make changes in the transmission line being upgraded at YT Dam. This will be done later so as to not effect the trout down stream as much.  Calls are on a 2 week schedule for a while yet.
WY USBR goes online for it's reports Sept 1, 2012. This will save money and time now spent on using regular surface mail.
The August 2012 YT water management report has been posted and sent out via email to all our members. As you note the low for this fall will be near 3628ft then come back up to near 3635 ft by early November. This will provide storage for winter and a cushion going into next spring. 
Bighorn County Commissioner Keith Grant is working with WyoDot on new signs at Burgess Junction that are less dramatic to visitors concerning coming off the mountain via 14AE.
The board is still making progress on putting up a billboard east of Lovell.
The YT Unit map has been reprinted thanks to a cooperative effort between WGF, BICA and FOBHL. You can pick one up at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area - Lovell VC, Horseshoe Bend Motel, Horseshoe Bend Marina and also off the internet at  
Jerry L presented the August financial reports and lead a discussion on the reports.
The contract on the Rockvale Billboard will terminate in September. Since we will be building our own later in Lovell and other local areas we will not need to rent them.
The next FOBHL board meeting will be in Lovell on Sept 11 at 6:30pm 
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