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Board Meeting Agenda
Lovell Fire Hall Meeting Room
July 10, 2012 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of June minutes: Motion by Jerry Second by Lynn

BICA items:
FOBHL will provide 9 VIP's to serve at the Lovell VC on Thursday July 12 from 8am to 4pm. There is an all park employee meeting in the North District that day.

A lively discussion on the 2012 Superintendent's Compendium document for BICA we very productive. The following sections received the most review 3.xx and 4.22. We will put a document together to be sent to BICA from FOBHL as well as continue to encourage the public to respond. This is an opportunity to be heard and it will make a difference. We invite our members to individually submit comments!


FOBHL items:
A report on recent USBR conference calls since our last meeting was given. The moss flushing flow, for the farmers, out of Boysen was canceled to conserve water. The lake will slowly decline to around 3630 ft by early September then refill slowly up to 3635 ft in October under the current management document. Nitrogen saturation issues are still occurring below the dam in the river, causing illness in the trout. The conference calls will be every 2weeks now.

Everyone seems to enjoy the new web cam at the Horseshoe Bend Marina! TCTWest TV is showing the live web cam feed on both the local channels in Bighorn and Park County. Please let us know how you like the service and your ideas for improvement. Go to to use the web cam.

2012 Bighorn Lake Celebration review
Ben Zeller gave an exciting report on the Triathlon and shared ideas for future events. There were 91 signed up for the event. We thanked him for another well run event! He is going to setup a committee to help share the planning and activity work.

The FOBHL Board members each reviewed their areas of responsibility and made suggestion for the future. The event went well and the crowd was fairly even all day. We had a lot of activity at the information table fielding many different questions and handing out pamphlets. The BLM joined us again this year to inform folks on their offerings around BICA. We gave boat rides to over 450 people using 13 boats and many VIP's. Those helping with the days events served for over 320 hours!! We appreciate everyone's dedicated help! The 2013 celebration will be on July 6.
The proposed new billboard at Lovell discussion was lead by Ken. We are still working on the location for it. All other aspects of it are in place and on hold until a location is finalized. We feel progress is being made.


Jerry L presented the July financial reports along with data on the 2012 Celebration as far as we have it. In the next few weeks all the celebration items will be processed and reconciled. We approved Ben getting more signs made to be used for the Triathlon to improve safety.

Bob gave a brief update on the AIS program for June 2012. 73% of Wyoming's registered boats now have purchased their AIS Stickers. 9515 boats were inspected with 55 high risk boats and 30 of them needing to be decontaminated. No waters in Wyoming have been found to have quagga or zebra mussels at the present time.

The next FOBHL board meeting will be in Powell at the PVCC meeting room on Coulter Avenue August 14 at 6:30pm.

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