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Board Meeting Minutes
PVCC Mtg Room
June 12, 2012
6:30pm Powell
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of May minutes Motion by Joe Second by Jerry


BICA Items:
The web cam at Horseshoe Bend was installed yesterday and is being tested. We will have it posted on our web site in a few days.

There is no currant status on the Log boom, Jim Creek Bay restroom, courtesy docks at Horseshoe Bend and the ramp extension at Kane.

BICA received a fee wavier for all VIP's working on the July 7th and Triathlon event participants.

FOBHL Items:
The mountain snow pack is all but gone in the Wind Rivers with some yet to come off the Absaroka's and the Bighorn's.

The YT, Boysen and Buffalo Bill Reservoir June 2012 water management plans are out. Buffalo Bill will be the only one to reach full pool this summer. The final level of the other two is yet to be determined. The heavy wet snow this past week end helped the Bighorn, Pryor and Absaroka mountains run off!

The revised Bighorn River System draft operations plan is out and on the web for committee comment. The Directors were encouraged to review this document in prep for formal public comments forthcoming.

Jerry – Presented the June financial report and a report on the Lovell Chamber of Commerce noon BBQ event where he shared our visitor plans for this season. The board decided to send out membership renewal reminders again in July to encourage those not yet renewed to do so!

Triathlon plans are being handled very well by Ben Zeller, he expects a large increase in runners this year.

We reviewed plans for the 2012 Bighorn Lake Celebration and Triathlon on July 7. Reports were given by each director on their areas of assignment. We are getting close to having all the preparations completed. Bob will keep the group updated by email as final preps are completed.

Reports were given on our 8 x 24 or 32ft billboard to be setup in the Lovell area. Some legal document followup is proceeding presently. The application to WYDOT will be sent in this week. We are still considering a nice photo for this billboard. An on site visit will occur next week with the land owner to finalize details and time table for construction and completion.
Lynn talked to Craig at PVCC about the Bighorn Basin Heritage Alliance web site's future.

The full color FOBHL ad on the back page of the 2012 Mustang Guide looks awesome!

Lynn reported on the AIS training he attended in late May in Cody where he renewed his AIS inspectors license. He will help with visitor education on AIS at the 2012 Lake Celebration in July.

Bob and Lynn reported on today's USBR YT water management conference call. The lake is up over 5ft from last Tuesday with an expected top elevation of 3635ft. The trout below the dam are still being effected by nitrogen bubbles and as yet no solution has been determined. Even in the lower outflow years the problem was not this severe. The next BHR Issue Group conference call will be June19 at 1:30pm.

FOBHL is still in need of new board members

Our next FOBHL Board Meeting on July 10 will be held in Lovell at 6:30pm.
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