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Board Meeting Minutes
Lovell Community Center
April 10, 2012 at 3:00 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of March minutes by email consent


BICA Items:
The web cam project at Horseshoe Bend is on schedule as TCT West checks out the new fiber optic system.

We will again sponsor the Horseshoe Bend area, youth group cleanup May 9 at 6pm.

The proposed silt ponds project in the south lake is being evaluated now by the USBR/COR. They discussed this issue at the April Issues Group Meeting in Lovell followed by an on site tour in the afternoon.

The Bighorn River side channel study continues with a tracer gravel study this month. A flushing flow began yesterday as approved by the group. The flow rate suggested is 7000cfs over a 3 day period with a ramp up and draw down event. Wyoming Game and Fish did a flushing flow out of Boysen the end of March to flush the gravels prior to spring spawning. There was a 5000cfs flow over 3 days . Considering the amount of storage water lost and gained by these two events YT will loose about 7 kaf of storage.

FOBHL Items:
The snow pack is below average for all three drainage’s. It changes daily with all the warm temps and wind recently. The conference call on April 24 will consider what to do with YT operations in light of the low snow pack.

The present %SWE (snow pack) is WR 70%, BH 89%, and Shoshone 90%. We expect it to drop by next weeks report.

The YT, Boysen and Buffalo Bill Reservoir April 2012 water management plans are out. These were sent out to all members this week via email.

The revised Bighorn River System draft operations plan is out and on the web for committee comment. They will have an official public comment period later this spring.

Jerry L provided the April financial report and we discussed the 2012 renewals. We are still receiving favorable comments and suggestions back with the renewal checks. We again thank you for your info and renewed membership support!

The plans for the 2012 Bighorn Lake Celebration and Triathlon on July 7 continue!
Ben Zeller will put free boat ride passes in the packets for all the triathlon event families. This will encourage all who attend to take a free boat ride on Bighorn Lake!! If we have helicopter rides available that day they will have to land outside the park and comply with all NPS and FAA flight regulations.

The board discussed other options for advertizing Bighorn Canyon! We still feel focusing on a 100 mile radius is the best money spent. Putting our own 8 x 24 ft billboard in the Lovell area is also being checked out by John, Joe and Ferrell. Other locations are also being considered, Lynn talked to Toby Bonner of the Powell Tribune about the 14A Travel Guide and Craig at PVCC about the Bighorn Basin Heritage Alliance web site. Bob finished our full page back cover color ad with the Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lovell Chronicle for the 2012 Mustang Guide. John will check on advertizing opportunities in the Sheridan area.

GK Construction cleaned the Kane ramp on April 16. It is ready for river launch at this time. We thank GK, BICA, the local fire dept and FOBHL for making this possible. An email notice has been sent out.

Mel McArthur is the acting south end maintenance foreman until a permanent person is hired later this year. He has been with us for several years and will be easy to work with on VIP projects and other issues!! FOBHL stands ready and willing to help you as needed!

The FOBHL Board of Directors sent a letter to Superintendent Jerry Case thanking him for his leadership and encouraging him to continue to be transparent in all that goes on at BICA. Also to continue to make it possible for new service businesses to succeed at BICA. We thanked him for holding the open house at the Lovell VC recently to receive public comment.

The WGF will again offer AIS training this spring in several locations in Wyoming at no charge. There will be training in Cody on May 22 and 23, those interested should call the 1-307-473-3414 to sign up.

The Bighorn River System Issues Group Meeting in Lovell on April 10 was well attended with over 50 folks there. We were glad to provide snacks and lunch for the group. We held a short board meeting then Bob went on the lake sediment tour from 3 to 5pm. A summary of the meeting follows.
Update reports were given on the Bighorn River Side Channel study and the restoration projects. Wyoming and Montana fisheries biologists gave timely fishery population updates. Superintendent Jerry Case gave the Bighorn National Recreation Area report with some entertaining slides. The Regional USBR reviewed the computer simulations for water management that are on their website.
The sediment subcommittee gave a short report on the south lake sediment control project. The goal for the sediment control project is to increase the life of YT Reservoir to the benefit of all who use the water resources there in. They did an on site tour later in the afternoon to discuss the next steps in the project. Other issues reviewed in the afternoon were; the Crow Settlement Act, stream bank erosion from high water, two new USGS stream flow gauges below YT Dam. The next regular meeting of this group will be in October. Lenny Duberstein will be on special assignment to the DC office for the next 6 months and others in the MT-Area and Regional USBR offices have agreed to keep all of his projects moving ahead.

The next BHR Issue Group conference call will be on April 24 at 1:30pm.

Joe reported that the Bed tax committee granted us $1000 for advertizing about Bighorn Canyon in 2012, this money is available after July 1.

FOBHL is still in need of new board members. We need your help now and for the future of Bighorn Lake!

Our next FOBHL Board Meeting on May 8 will be held in Powell at 6:30pm.
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