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Board Meeting Minutes
BH Federal Mtg Room
March 13, 2012 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of February minutes: Motion by Joe Second by Lynn

We welcomed John Nickel as a new board member from Lovell. He has a lot of community board experience and is an avid FOBHL member!

BICA Items: The web cam project at Horseshoe Bend is on schedule as TCT West checks out the new fiber optic system.

We will again sponsor the Horseshoe Bend area, youth group cleanup in late April.

The proposed silt ponds project in the south lake is being evaluated now by the USBR/COR. They will be discussing this issue at the April Issues Group Meeting in Lovell.

The Bighorn River side channel study continues with a tracer gravel study in April. They are proposing to do a flushing flow in early April to help in modeling how gravel moves in the river and side channels . The flow rate suggested is 7000cfs over a 3 day period with a ramp up and draw down event. Wyoming Game and Fish has received permission to have a flushing flow out of Boysen the end of March to flush the gravels prior to spring spawning. There will be a 5000cfs flow over 3 days too. Considering the amount of storage water lost and gained YT will loose about 7 kaf of storage.

We were all impacted by the untimely death of Mike Durtsche, the south district maintenance supervisor. He will be missed in the community and at BICA. We offer our condolences and love to his wife and family! He has been easy for us to work with on all our VIP projects at BICA over the years!

There are still several unfilled professional positions at BICA. With Mike's passing that adds another one.

FOBHL Items:
Lynn and Bob reported on the conference call from last Tuesday with the USBR. A report of current conditions was given and the YT operating plan will continue as planed last fall. The snow pack is about average for all three drainage’s. It changes daily with all the warm temps and wind this month. The side channel study, Boysen flushing flow, afterbay rehab project and the Bighorn River Issues Group meeting in Lovell were also discussed.

The present %SWE (snow pack) is WR 92 %, BH 120 %, and Shoshone 101 %.

The YT, Boysen and Buffalo Bill Reservoir March 2012 water management plans are out. These were sent out to all members this week via email.

The revised Bighorn River System draft operations plan is not out yet for committee comment. They hope to have it sent out this week.

The date for the Bighorn River Issues Group meeting in Lovell is April 10.

Jerry L provided the March financial report and we discussed the 2012 renewals. We are receiving a lot of favorable comments and suggestions back with the renewal checks. We thank you for your info and renewed membership donation!

The plans for the 2012 Bighorn Lake Celebration and Triathlon on July 7 continue!
Ken will check with Ben Zeller about putting free boat ride passes in the packets for all the triathlon event families. Many in the past have left without taking the free boat rides.

The board discussed other options for advertizing Bighorn Canyon! We still feel focusing on a 100 mile radius is the best money spent. Ken showed us some small signs with very flashy letters for night and day use. These would be placed in the fence row along a highway at key locations. Putting our own 8 x 24 ft billboard in the Lovell area is also being checked out. This could be shared with the Mustang Center. Other locations are also being considered, John and Joe will work on this. Lynn will talk to Toby Bonner of the Powell Tribune about the 14A Travel Guide and Craig at PVCC about the Bighorn Basin Heritage Alliance web site. Bob is working with Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lovell Chronicle about our ad in the Mustang Guide. John will check on advertizing opportunities in the Sheridan area.

FOBHL is still in need of new board members. We need your help now and for the future of Bighorn Lake!

Lynn reported on his visit with Representative Dave Bonner concerning the AIS bill in the Wyoming Legislature this year. The bill provides funding, use of Port of Entry locations for inspections, inspection of water hauling trucks, signs on all roads leading into Wyoming, etc. (Governor Mead signed the bill and it goes into effect 7/1/2012).

Joe reported that the Bed tax committee will be meeting soon. We have requested funding again of $1000 for advertizing about Bighorn Canyon.

Our next FOBHL Board Meeting on April 10 will be held following the Issues Group meeting in Lovell. We should start our meeting between 3:30 – 4:00pm.
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