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Board Meeting Minutes
PVCC Mtg Room
Feb 14, 2012 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of January minutes: Motion by Joe Second by Ken
Welcome Christy Fleming – Bighorn Basin Heritage Alliance member. This group is composed of all the local chamber of commerce leaders in the Basin. The purpose of the group is to partner for the good of all the communities in advertizing, web sites, funding sources, and etc. We are avid supporters of such an effort and over the past 6 years have encouraged such to happen. We commend the effort and pledge our support and monetary donations to this group.
BICA Items: The web cam project at HS Bend is moving forward now that the fiber optic lines are completed. We hope to have the cam operational in March!
There will be no driftwood project for this winter. We will still sponsor the youth Horseshoe Bend area cleanup in late April.
Ferrell, Bob & Lynn were part of the winter tour at BICA on Jan 26. We drove around the park discussing issues together. This tour was a very productive 3 hours spent!
We will be hearing more concerning the proposed sedimentation ponds in the south lake at the USBR meeting in Lovell in March.
The power line rehab project is underway in BICA going to YT Dam.
FOBHL Items:
Lynn and Bob were on the USBR monthly YT water management conference call last Tuesday. The reservoir is responding well to the winter management plan with lake levels declining as desired. Since the snow pack is below normal the USBR is watching it closely in case out- flows need to be adjusted to conserve storage later. The Afterbay Dam gate rehab project is moving slowly and the new completion date is May 1.
The mountain snow pack (%SWE) is much less than last year; WR 87 %, BH 98 %, Shoshone 94%. In general terms we are in an average snow pack condition at the present time.
The February YT water management plan was released this week. The lake is at 3622 ft of elevation today, that is 18 feet below full lake.
The revised Bighorn River System draft operations plan is not out yet for committee review and comment. We hope to see it before the March meeting in Lovell.
No date has been set for the March Bighorn River System Issues Group meeting in Lovell. We will provide the meal and snacks again this year.
Jerry L provided the February financial report and the membership renewal documents to consider for this year. We discussed the 2012 renewal process and will have Jerry send out these soon. The cover letter explains how important a strong membership base is to keep a balanced water plan for the Bighorn River system.
2012 Bighorn Lake Celebration is on July 7. BHCSAR has already notified us they have their plan well underway for this event. We appreciate their professional assistance each year at the celebration!
The bill board at Rockvale was discussed again. Is their a better way to get the word out to our local folks about BICA? Several other options were considered for future advertizing, this process will continue.
We welcome John Nickel as our newest board member! He has been an avid supporter of FOBHL and the local community for many years. We still need another board member and would like to visit with anyone desiring to serve!
We will not be apart of the Cody and Powell Home shows this spring. We felt the time could be better spent other ways promoting BICA.
The next FOBHL Board Meeting will be March 13 at 6:30pm in Lovell at the Big Horn Federal meeting room.
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