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Board Meeting Minutes
Bighorn Federal Mtg Room
Oct 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of Sept minutes: Motion by Jerry Second by Lynn


BICA Items:

The web cam project at HS Bend is still stalled at the horizontal drilling project under the Shoshone River by CETCO

The Wyo boat gas tax money grants conference call meeting is still set for the month of November.

Once the management committee does its tour the extent of the driftwood projects for this winter will be known.

A management tour of BICA/YT unit is still on for sometime this fall.

We discussed a letter from WAPA concerning the electric transmission line rebuild from Basin to Ft Smith. They are striving hard to keep everything proper for the environment along the path of the line construction.

FOBHL Items:

Consideration is being given to a possible new boat ramp south of the causeway on the west shore off of Rd 20. Presently there is no access to the south lake once access under the causeway bridge is unsafe. Only small non-motorized water craft can safely launch in a few spots.

The board continued their discussion about the need for an improved Web site for FOBHL. We will each review the site and suggest any changes that need to be considered. The cost to re due or enhance it is beyond our financial means. Now that the NPS site is much improved many of our concerns are now handled on that site. We can provide podcast material to BICA for the NPS site too. Our section of the Wyoming Tourism web site gives us a lot of coverage for no charge. We could keep it updated better however. The addition of the user active web cam at HS Bend will be a nice addition!

A new vinyl for the billboard at Rockvale will include fall/winter recreation photos on it – We are still in discussion with the Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce and FOBHL concerning cost sharing this advertizing.

We will continue to review the past due membership donation list, making personal contacts where possible to determine what each desires.

Jerry L presented the Sept financial report. We appreciate him keeping the computerized financial records!

The Fall Bighorn River Issues Group Meeting will be in Billings on Oct 13 from 9am to 4pm. We expect some folks coming to express concerns created by the extreme high water this season. Both ends of the the river system experienced a lot of abnormal issues and loss of income.

A second meeting of the BICA long term interpretive planning group will meet in Lovell at the visitor center on Oct 18 from 10am to 4pm – Bob C will attend.

Bob C will meet a WGF fisheries tech on Friday at the Darrell Mumm fish passage on Bitter Creek near the Penrose dam on the Shoshone River. We are looking for more ideas for our fish passage for the purposed sediment ponds at Bighorn Lake.

Lynn reported on the USBR conference call today. They want the reservoir to be at 3640 ft in elevation on Nov 1. We are back to over 3642 since the rain storm. They want to continue to manage for all stakeholders in a balanced manner. The winter releases from Boysen will be 950 cfs, Buffalo Bill 410 cfs and YT around 3000cfs.
The maintenance of the afterbay gates is going well with several months yet to go.

We received photos and details from WyoDot of the sediment harvesting at the Meadow Lark Lake. It will be used for the highway right of way reclamation after the rebuild of the highway near by. Again we got some great ideas on how to harvest the sediment from the Bighorn Lake sediment ponds in the future.

Bob C took some photos of the highway sign for BICA at the highway 14 and 310 junction near Greybull. It is small and inaccurate in its wording, not what we were promised when this highway construction project began.

The next FOBHL Board Mtg is on Nov 8 at 6:30pm in Powell at PVCC mtg room
Addendum to minutes:
The Bighorn River Issue Group meeting in Billings on Oct 13, 2011
Bob C and Lynn attended for FOBHL. We had good representation from county, state and federal agencies for Wyoming. Montana was also well represented with the usual stakeholders plus many extra folks with special need concerns to express. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the draft river management rule curve method being developed for the river and reservoir. A review of water year 2011 operations with lessons learned was presented. The minutes of the meeting will soon be on the USBR web site.



BICA Long Range Interpretive Plan – Partners workshop Oct 18, 2011

Bob C attended this workshop for 5 hours along with other interested folks. The first meeting was held last spring at both Ft Smith and Lovell. During this meeting much discussion was centered on the possible interpretive themes for BICA. This fall meeting took the suggested themes to a new level, making some adjustments, and suggesting how-to-details for the themes. A lot was accomplished that will help guide BICA for the next ten years. As you may guess a lot of use of the new electronic media technology is included in this plan.
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