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FOBHL Board email update - August 2011

Minutes of the July 2010 board meeting were approved by the directors via email.

The weekly conference calls with the USBR continue to keep all stakeholder informed as to water operations. All most every week new records for storage, inflow or out flow are set. Boysen is 1 ft below full, Buffalo Bill is 4 feet below full and YT is 10 feet into the flood pool yet. YT is expected to drop to a full lake elevation of 3640 ft by early October. The COR and the USBR continue to work together on determining the release rate of the water stored in the flood pool.

The August water operations plans for Boysen and Buffalo Bill are now out. There will be higher outflows this winter due to the increased winter storage in each reservoir. Boysen winter release will be 1000 cfs and Buffalo Bill will be 350 cfs. It appears that some of the high mountain snow pack will carryover into the winter this year unless we have an exceptionally hot fall. The winter release from YT has yet to be determined.

The low water is impacting the Horseshoe Bend Marina and the tour boats, which are presently operating from the Barry's Landing dock. The pubic and rental courtesy docks are partially reinstalled. The fishing dock is still okay and the main Horseshoe Bend dock is working fine now that the water has dropped a few feet. Kane ramp is open and free of drift wood.

The fuel system at the Horseshoe Bend Marina is thru the bidding process with final contract procedures being finalized.

Appaloosa Broadcasting and the Big Horn Radio Network both made generous donations of radio ads spots for the celebration again this year! We need to send both companies a thank you for their continued support!

The fishing is improving in the lake. The driftwood is pretty much gone or up on the shore line above the water. We will do a major driftwood cleanup project next spring. We need to meet with the BICA folks to decide what the areas are that need first attention. It will take a couple years to get a lot of it burned.

The causeway of highway 14A east is repaired and WyDot will be bidding out a project to rebuild the damaged areas. The two county roads on the south end will need extensive repair as well. Both will need to be raised in elevation to prevent future losses.
You have likely noticed that the east-west log boom is much further north this summer. This is due to the boom breaking from the old anchor point on the red hill and BICA putting in a new anchor point further to the north. This has caused the mooring anchor for the tour boats to be unusable, since the boat will now hit the log boom.
A large boat bounced off it's trailer recently at the CETCO railroad crossing doing a lot of damage to it and the trailer. Ken assisted with the removal of the wreck.

TCT West reports that the contractor is working on the Shoshone River bore presently. If no problems are encountered the line should be done soon.

There is still no word on the projects funded by the Wyo motor boat gas tax monies.

The new osprey nest platform is receiving considerable interest by the visitors. We all look forward to next spring and ospreys nesting there!

The two new access trails at Crooked Creek Bay will need some repair on the sections that were below the high water line. We have received a lot of thanks for these already.

We checked out the new section of the Abercrombie road last week and found it survived the high water very well. There is some big drift wood that needs removed and a section on the south end that needs repaired.

Ken has suggested that our website needs to have more promotional buzz to it. He will have to info us as to what that means? I have had some members suggest that we get on Facebook and Twitter to get info to more potential visitors. We need to discuss both of these suggestions at our next meeting

The financial statements that Jerry has prepared were sent to the directors. We have not received some of the bills for the Triathlon as yet.

The next Bighorn River Issues Group meeting will be in Billings in early October.

The next FOBHL board meeting will be in Powell on Sept 13 at 6:30pm at the PVCC mtg room.
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