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Board Meeting Minutes
PVCC Mtg Room
July 12, 2011 at 6:30 pm



Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of June minutes: Motion by Lynn Second by Joe


Since Craig Kenyon new PVCC director. Valerie Newman and Shawn Williams new at BICA in Lovell VC had conflicts we invited them to the August meeting.




BICA Items:
The web cam project at HSBend is getting closer as TCTWest finishes the fiber optic internet lines in that area.

The bid for the credit card fuel system at the Horseshoe Bend boat ramp area will close this week. Then work can begin on the installation of the system using the present fuel pump already at the site.

With the combined efforts of BICA and REA a pole has been set at Horseshoe Bend boat launch area with a platform atop it for the ospreys to use as a nesting area. This will be a great wildlife addition to BICA!!!

As a result of the extremely high lake elevation many adjustments have been made eg: closure of some boat in campsites, temporary dock anchor systems setup, large amount of driftwood especially north of Barry's Landing, some road closures in the south end, and more to come.

Jerry Case thanked everyone for another great promo event for BICA. John Wessel expressed his thanks for all we have done and continue to do to promote BICA. They both encourage us to keep up the great work.


FOBHL Items:

2011 BHL Celebration review and comments:

This year gave us awesome weather and a slight breeze all day for the event. The triathlon started the day with record numbers of racers and supporters. There were 86 in this year's race. The youth age group contributed 17 racers. We commend Ben and his helpers for a successful race!
The free boat rides were a favorite again, with 412 rides given by 10 boats from 8am to 5pm. We had 3 boats cancel out too late to get replacements so we had a line waiting this year. We understand situations arise that are not controllable on short notice. Again we had visitors from several foreign countries.
We appreciate all the extra effort so many put into this celebration each time. We were delighted to have Supt Jerry Case and wife along with Regional NPS Director John Wessel's family with us for the event! ! !

Suggestion for next years event:
1-Need more dock helpers for loading and unloading guests
2-Move a garbage can or two by the staging area
3-Add two columns on the sign in sheet for City and Country
4-Have a boat arrival and departure time chart on each trip
5-Extend the concrete walk all the way to the upper sidewalk to improve handicap access and more anchor cable holes.
6-Schedule the large group of handicap visitors to allow them easier access
7-Ben provided a list of suggestions for future Triathlons (see below)

The board approved July 7, 2012 for next years event. We will look at ways to enhance the event, give it a fresh look, etc. We must keep in mind why we held the event the first year and why we keep doing it. We encourage anyone who reads this to share their ideas about the event.!?




The web site for FOBHL is nearly rebuilt after weeks of up/down time. Ben Zeller well be caring for the Triathlon web site in the coming weeks.

The new location for the billboard at Rockvale junction looks great. This is a much better location for being visible to the travelers! Again we would appreciate any suggestions on how to better use it.


Jerry L was unable to attend to present the financial report so Bob C reviewed it. We appreciate all Jerry does to keep our financial records in order! Our liability insurance was half of previous years but the agent said it may be much higher next year. Jerry will send out the mid year membership renewal reminders next week. We would appreciate your continued support for Bighorn Canyon!!!!!

The Wyoming AIS inspections are in full swing now, with each week locating high risk boats coming in from infected states. Several decontamination’s have been done. We encourage everyone using the waters in Wyoming to be very careful not to contaminate it in any way.


USBR conference calls are held every week, with a review of current conditions, concerns and what future plans are expected to be for this extreme high water year. We all have a opportunity to ask questions of the entire committee on the call. Just some quick stats: Boysen is 2 feet into the flood pool, Buffalo Bill is 1.5 feet from full and Yellowtail is eleven feet into the flood pool. Inflows for July 1 thru 11th are all time records; Boysen 381% of normal, B Bill 319% of normal and Yellowtail 244% of normal for inflows. There is still a lot of high elevation snow in the mountains that will slowly come down as the day and night temps continue to increase. High inflows and outflows can be expected to continue for several more weeks. The April thru July inflows into YT have exceeded all records by over 400,000 acre feet of water. The goal for YT is maintain the elevation at 3655 feet then slowly draw it down to 3640 feet as per COR instructions, as they manage the entire system from YT to the Gulf of Mexico.

The next FOBHL Board meeting will be in Lovell at 6:30pm on August 9.
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