Monday, February 19, 2018


A Note of Appreciation to All Who Helped and Attended
The 2011 Bighorn Lake Celebration!
FOBHL Board of Directors

Wow, what an awesome summer day for a celebration! The day was wonderful, a slight breeze all day which we all enjoyed, especially the sailboat! The Friends of Bighorn Lake want to extend a big THANK YOU to so many! We refrain from naming all of you for we would surely miss someone.

To Superintendent Jerry Case and his professionals, we say thank you for letting us help you promote Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area! We extend a special thanks to John Wessel, our Regional NPS Director from Denver and his family for enjoying the day with us!!! (Jerry and John ran together in the 3 mile run portion of the race!)

To all of the businesses and towns in the Bighorn Basin area, we thank you for displaying banners, digital sign display time and handing out refrigerator magnet reminders to the public! You also donated food and drink items plus sponsored boats for the free boat rides which helped the owners with their cost for fuel! Some of you tagged your radio and newspaper ads with invites to the celebration!

To the area radio stations, NWC TV and newspapers for articles and audio spots highlighting Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and the annual Bighorn Lake Celebration!

To the law enforcement, AIS inspectors, search and rescue, EMT’s and parking attendants we say thank you for helping the visitors in a friendly, helpful way!

To the more than 100 FOBHL helpers (before, during and after the event), boat owners and dock attendants; you served the visitors wonderfully! It was great to see so many lime green vests all over the Horseshoe Bend area!

The Triathlon added continued excitement this year with over 85 contestants! The under 16 crowd had a great time with their mini triathlon. Everyone is looking forward to the 2012 version! Thanks to Ben Zeller and his helpers for this awesome, well “run” event!

To Brenda at the Horseshoe Bend Marina for providing needful, friendly services to the visitors!

The Biggest THANKS of all goes to you who came to enjoy Bighorn Lake ! ! Come back often and bring your friends! ! ! We welcome your thoughts and comments about this celebration.
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