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Board Meeting Minutes
Bighorn Federal Meeting Room
June 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of May email updates: Motion by Jerry Second by Ken

Ken lead a discussion on the 2011 BHL Celebration plans and assignments. Each director reviewed their assignments and what is left to do. Overall we felt the planning and preparation are ahead of schedule. Bob C will update the planning document and email it to everyone. A boat ride time line schedule will also be sent to the boat operators soon.

The web sites for FOBHL and the new one for the Triathlon were discussed. The FOBHL one has had a lot of issues recently but should be all repaired and going this week. The one for the Triathlon could be managed in the future by Ben Z if he is interested.


Our billboard located near Rock Vale will be moved closer to the junction in mid July. We will have an overlay banner attached to it for the 2011 Bighorn Lake Celebration's free boat rides 2 weeks before the event. We are looking for ideas on how to present outdoor activities on this billboard all year long. Please submit any ideas.


A letter was written to the Big Horn County Commissioners suggesting that graveling be done on Lane 8 ½ into the YT unit off of highway 37 for 1 ½ miles. A copy is attached.

The awesome web cam project at Horseshoe Bend is very close to completion. TCTWest is in the final stages of laying the fiber optics line along highway 37 to the north. The bracket is already mounted on the square pole at the Marina. This web cam with live video will pan 170' horizontally and 50' vertically plus has a 10x zoom feature. It is computer user driven so you can look around the area from your home. It will be available on several web sites. High speed internet service will also be available for the Marina and the Tour boat concessions.

Having fuel at the Horseshoe Bend Marina is getting closer to reality. The credit card system and internet cable are being worked on presently.

Jerry L reported on the boat tour he gave for the interpretive rangers on the lake from the causeway on up north to the 10 marker point. He also presented the May financial report which was accepted.

Lynn reported on the 2 day AIS training he attended in Cody the last of May. He is now a certified AIS inspector. Both he and Jerry have been doing presentations on AIS and Bighorn Canyon to local groups. Anyone wanting such a presentation please contact them!


The weekly USBR conference calls continue as plans for extreme high water are on hold until the temps get into the 70-80's. With the cooler than normal temps the runoff has been delayed a couple months. There will be a lot of water coming off the mountains once the temps increase. The USBR has several plans in place to handle this 100 year event. If the temps stay hot for several weeks we could see the lake reach maximum storage with both the lake and the flood pool full. This will create some very high inflows and outflows as flooding occurs in the system.

BICA is making plans for the high water's impact on the facilities. Boat in camp sites will not be available with high lake levels. This will also impact the floating restrooms. Special anchor blocks will be needed for the dock systems too. The driftwood and now covered rocky areas on the shoreline will pose boating hazards if one gets too close to the canyon walls. If one uses caution and good sense a fun time still awaits you!

The higher than normal lake elevations could pose some issues with driftwood now sitting at higher levels. Some of this wood has been there since the highest lake level in 1967 of 3657 ft. The causeway of highway 14A east may have water issues especially during wind events. You will not be able to boat under the causeway and there are no active boat ramps in the south end.

Northwest College TV will be doing an interview with Lynn and Jerry about the celebration in July. We will let you know when it will be shown on NW TV and aired on their radio station.

The Bighorn Lake projects for 2010/2011 funded by the Wyoming Motor boat tax monies will begin after July 1.

The USFS, BICA and FOBHL will be hosting land and lake tours for USFS employees serving at the Burgess Junction Visitor Center. The purpose being to help them learn all about Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

With highway 14A closed thru Shell Canyon presently the visitor center in Lovell is seeing record numbers of folks coming in. As we all know both 14A and 14A east have been closed this summer due to mud/rock slides for periods of time.

The next board meeting will be in Powell on July 12 at 6:30pm PVCC room.








Friends of Bighorn Lake
223 Highway 32
Lovell, WY
June 15, 2011

Big Horn County Commissioners
Jerry Ewen, Chairman
Big Horn County Court House
Basin, WY

Dear Jerry;
The board of directors of FOBHL wish to suggest the following:

As a nonprofit friends organization for the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in Lovell we are always looking for ways to promote BICA and access to it. A few years ago we were asked to give input on improving access to the recreation area. As you are aware the Wyoming Game and Fish Yellowtail unit is a part of BICA. Access to BICA in many areas is thru the Yellowtail unit. With this in mind we suggest the following.

Wyoming highway 37, off Wyoming highway14A east connects BICA to the area. A main access road off highway 37 is Big Horn County lane 8 ½ going east off of highway 37. This road is heavily traveled by outdoor enthusiasts. The first 1 ½ miles of this road is dirt with some natural gravel in places. Anytime there is rain or snow this road is very difficult to travel. Even though BICA and WGF try to keep this road in some shape, when wet its nasty for travel. Then when it dries out the ruts are difficult too. Many folks local and tourists who use this road do so in cars not 4x4 rigs. When wet or deeply rutted they cannot use the area.

Therefore we would recommend lane 8 1/2 be graveled to provide year around access to this heavily used recreational area. If it could be done to pond 5 the rest of the road is not much of a problem.

We appreciate your consideration!

Bob Croft
President of FOBHL Board of Directors
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