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Board Meeting Minutes
LovellCommunity Center
January 12, 2011 at 4:00 pm
(following the USBR meeting)
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
          Approval of Dec email minutes: Motion Jerry          Second Lynn
The community tourism ad plan is still being worked on to involve Park County Tourism, City of Powell, Town of Greybull and the Town of Lovell. There are more contacts to be made in order to develop a plan that will benefit all the area communities. Each one has a lot to offer the visitors.
Ken and Jerry are reviewing the letter to be sent with FOBHL 2011 membership renewal invoices. The board was pleased with the draft copies submitted and suggested there may be a way to combine the two versions. We also will send an email informing members of the upcoming renewal invoices.
Yesterday was the monthly USBR/Stake holders call. The January operation plan was reviewed showing that we are on target to hit elevation 3618’ by April 1 and elevation 3624’ by June 1. The inflows this winter and the mountain snow pack are very promising for a good water year. The lake should be at full pool of 3640’ by late June.
Our board meeting today was held following the USBR meetings to discuss the Draft Water Mgmt plan for the Bighorn River system. Lynn attended the meeting in Billings on January 4, reporting it to be very informative and the USBR had a commitment to keep the operations fair and balanced for all stakeholders. The meeting in Lovell today went well too. We feel the USBR desires to continue to move forward with this plan, that will be fine tuned along the way and offer balance to all stakeholders. We are to make written comments to the USBR by Jan 28 as to any changes or concerns in the present version of the draft plan. Both meeting were well attended with over 50 at each meeting.
Lynn and Bob C reported on the BighornLake sediment control sub committee meeting held on January 6 in Lovell. Superintendent Jerry Case is chair of this committee made up of Wyoming Game and Fish, Bighorn River guide, Local and county government folks, bentonite mining industry rep, a civil engineering group and FOBHL reps.
Several assignments were given and will be reported on via email or at our next meeting in February. We are all optimistic that there is a workable solution to managing the lake’s sediment.
We discussed the possibility of having a nice web cam at Horseshoe Bend Marina this year. If the NPS is low on funds we will provide a way to donate one to them. The City of Powell has several of the type that may work well for us. A link to their site will be send to board members to review and get a hand’s on feel for how it works. This web cam can be moved around to see a large area by the viewer.
We received a letter from TCTWest granting us free TV ad time for another year on channels 802 and 803. They continue to support our efforts at BighornCanyon and we very much appreciate it! Thanks TCT! ! !
The results of the Horseshoe Bend Survey are coming in and will be tabulated soon. This data will be shared with the NPS to aid them in future planning. It will be sent out to the public too. (see attached page for results)
Advance planning for 2011 BHLake Celebration on July 9, 2011
          1. Triathlon page now on FOBHL’s website under the News tab
          2. Free boat rides – several folks have volunteered already to help with rides
3. Advertising plan: Refrigerator magnets, local newspapers in Cody, Powell, Lovell, Greybull and Basin, radio spots and tagged ads. Street banners will also be made and displayed as usual
4. Rockvale billboard (do a over-the-top banner ad on it for the celebration) (this will cost about $110, is mounted on plywood and screwed over the top of the other sign)
5. We will invite Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and family to join us on July 9
6. An invite will also be extended to our new Regional Park Service Director in Denver John Wessels and Deputy Director Laura Joss
Next meeting: February 8 in Lovell. Jerry Case and the new chief ranger will attend.
Horseshoe Bend Survey - Jan 2011
Answer: 1 thru 5 (1=no need with 5=needed)
320 emails were sent with 10% returned completed
Surveys came back from Cody, Greybull, Powell, Lovell area and several Montana locations
2.6___ Secure boat storage (fenced and locked)
2.7__WIFI in the campground, parking area, picnic area and the marina
3.6___ An on the dock boat fuel pump
3.7___ Cell phone service
2.8___ A large group tent camping area
3.7___ More large upgraded campsites with water and electrical hookup
3.3___ Patio for eating at the marina building
3.0___ Lights in the covered picnic table area
3.1___ Additional public courtesy slips for short term use
2.9___ Additional rental courtesy slips
2.3___ Rental mooring anchors
2.3___ Cell phone or ipod ranger tours
2.9___ More Ranger lead talks, walks, hikes, canoe tours, etc
3.4___ A Ranger contact station at Horseshoe Bend
 What other items or services are needed at the HSBend Marina?
Put a beacon near the dock at HSBend so it is visible for fisherman to find the dock location at night
Better signs or information to direct people to the floating rest rooms
Minnows for sale at the marina
A First Responder Station at HSBend, especially on busy weekends
More trash can locations around the HSBend area
What additional Boat Tour services are needed?
 Present tour service is wonderful!
We took a group out last year having a wonderful time!
Get the word out to more folks of this great addition to HSBend.

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