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Board Meeting Minutes
BICA Conference  Room
February 8, 2011 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
          Approval of Jan email minutes: Motion by Jerry     Second by Lynn
Welcome Superintendent Jerry Case and Chief Ranger Kevin Tillman from BICA
BICA items:
          Jerry reported that there is no word yet on the projects to be funded by the Wyo motor boat gas tax grant money. He will check with WGF in Cheyenne for more details.
          The new well at Horseshoe Bend is all ready to be put into service as soon as the Wyoming DEQ reviews all the final paper work and approves it.
          The 2011 BICA Budget will be a continuing resolution of the 2010 budget resolution. Monies will be tight again this year.
          Jerry explained the up coming International Living Building Institute Conference this week February 9 & 10 in Lovell. Bob C and Jerry L attended this conference and found it very useful. The Lovell BICA visitor center will be upgraded inside and out to meet the NPS green goals.
          Jerry outlined the Long Range Interpretive Planning Conference on March 22 and 23 in Ft Smith and Lovell. These two meeting will help give direction for the long range interpretive plan being developed by Chris Wilkenson and staff of BICA.
          The Sediment sub-committee will be meeting this month to continue it’s deliberations on silt management. This meeting will be in Lovell.
          The park visitation is up over 20% this year. The numbers were 178,000 for 2008, 205,000 in 2009 and 258,600 for 2010. This is exciting for us to see more people enjoying BICA once again!
          Kevin shared some insights on the process being followed to try to get boat fuel available at the Horseshoe Bend Marina and the contracting process required. There are a lot of regulations to be satisfied.
FOBHL items:
          Lynn reported on the USBR conference call held today to discuss the February YT operation plan and how the future looks for a full lake this year. The snow pack is slightly over 100% of normal in all the surrounding mountains and the lake should fill by mid June and remain close to full until late fall. By February 1 in a normal year 65% of the mountain snow fall is on the ground.
          The board went over the Horseshoe Bend Survey with Jerry and Kevin, noting the 5 or 6 top choices and some of the written comments. These survey results were attached to your January minutes.
          The USBR will hold the spring Bighorn River System Issues Group Meeting in Lovell in late March to review the Draft Opting Plan comments received from all the stake holders. There will also be reports on the sediment, reservoir elevation change and Bighorn River side channel studies.
          FOBHL once again restated their offer to help secure a web cam and weather station at Horseshoe Bend Marina once high speed internet is installed this spring by TCTWest.
          To help improve access to the south lake the Kane ramp spring and fall cleaning is very important. We suggested that a time period be determined so cleaning would happen in a timely manner. To maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning that can be done mid April was suggested for the spring and early September in the fall. GK construction can do this cleaning. FOBHL can assist with the cleaning expense should the park budget be lacking. All ramps in the lake receive annual cleaning at low water and some thru out the season as needed.
          2011 Bighorn Lake Celebration planning
                   FOBHL invited: John Wessels and Laura Joss from NPS Denver Region
                   Keith Grant and Elaine Harvey invited: Gov Matt Mead, Sec of State –                     Max Maxfield, State Auditor – Cynthia Cloud, State Treasurer – Joe                       Meyer, Supt of Public Instruction – Cindy Hill and Attorney General –            Greg Phillips
          The board voted to rent the bill board at Rockvale for an entire year and change the vinyl skins seasonally to promote the changing recreational opportunities of the area. Since this billboard is seen by all who pass by it from the BighornBasin, the local crowd will be reminded about BighornCanyon on every trip.
          2011 Home shows: Cody April 8-9               Powell May 14
          Jerry L presented the January financial reports and has sent out the membership renewal letters with invoices. The renewals are coming in by dozens a day so far.
The next board meeting will be in Powell on March 8 at 6:30pm

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