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Board Meeting Minutes
Bighorn Federal Mtg Room
April 12, 2011 at 6:30 pm
Call to order and Welcome – Bob C
Approval of Feb email minutes and the March update : Motion by Jerry Second by Lynn
(The board meeting in Powell on March 8 was canceld due to so many other meetings. An email update was sent out instead.)
BICA items: Bob C visited by phone with Jerry Case for the following report.
Jerry will be meeting with the WGF concerning items including the projects to be funded by the Wyo motor boat gas tax grant money this year.
The new well at Horseshoe Bend is approved for service. This raw water maybe piped to the lawn area this spring for the lawn and trees. Doing this will save BICA money used in chlorinateing the water.
The 2011 BICA Budget is still up in the air as are all the other federal agencies.
Jerry reported on the Long Range Interpretive Planning Conference on March 23 in Lovell. BICA felt the meetings were very successful in helping in the planning process. They have scheduled the fall meeting in Lovell as well due to the large number of folks participating on this end of the park.
The Sediment sub-committee will be meeting in Lovell with an onsite tour prior to the meeting. Some key items now in discussion: The sediment taken from the Kane boat ramp in 2007 was analyzied and found to be excellent top soil. Pot tests are going on now with dry beans and wheat doing well. The local bentonite mines in the area are interested in using the sediment that will be removed from the settling ponds. The drift wood captured can also be shreded for organic matter compost. About 100 acres of USBR land was located near the causeway that may work as a storage site for the sediment being removed and stored until used. Several committee members met on March 25 to share info found so far that will be presented to the full committee.
Discusions are continuing concerning how to have boat fuel available at the Horseshoe Bend Marina this year. Several options will be discussed in hopes to find one that will work.
Jerry felt the Issues Group meeting in Lovell went very well and that the USBR is trying hard to balance the resources.
Jerry made a proposal concerning the celebration. He offered to give all triathon participants a free day pass for July 9 plus another free one to be used anytime later. BICA will wave the $50 permit fee paid by FOBHL for the celebration. We will list BICA and FOBHL as co-sponsors for the event on the tee shirts and the application forms. The board accepted the offer.
FOBHL items:
Lynn report on the USBR conference call held April 5. The USBR in MT and WY will both be releaseing large amounts of stored water to provide room for the spring runoff. These releases will continue for several weeks. The next conference call will be May 3.
Ferrel reported on the Boysen Reservoir spring water operations meeting he attended in Worland on March 28. The WY USBR indicated they would be releaseing water for a flushing flow on April 4-5 to clean the gravels for the fish spawning. The outflow would then be set to 1200cfs.
Jerry reported on the Buffalo Bill reservoir water meeting held in Powell on March 29. They will be releasing a lot of water to provide storage for the expected high inflows this spring as well. By next week the Shoshone River will be running over 2000 cfs with higher flows the next week likely.
Bob C, Joe and Lynn reported on the USBR spring Bighorn River System Issues Group Meeting held in Lovell on March 31. The purpose to review the Draft Operating Plan comments received from all the stake holders. There were also reports from the sediment committee by Bob C, Bighorn Canyon by Jerry Case and on the Bighorn River side channel project by Dennis Fischer. The USBR did an excellent job of explaining all the concerns and questions received from the stakeholders. The meeting proceeding are on the USBR web site also a new reservoir operations spread sheet you can try is posted. There was a lot of data presented in an understandable way. We feel the USBR is doing a good job watching out for all the stakeholders. If we could keep some of the polititions out of the mix they would have more time to manage by the scientific approach.
The web cam at Horseshoe Bend Marina should be possible this summer in that high speed internet is being install as we meet by a contractor for TCTWest. The new line runs from Highway 14A along highway 37 to the Crooked Creek Hut then on into BICA.
Boater access and docks are in at Barry's Landing and Horseshoe Bend. The Kane ramp will be cleaned soon giving access at the southend. The WGF and BICA are discussing how to handle the ML Ramp problems.
Ken reveiwed the assignments for the 2011 Bighorn Lake Celebration. We may need to change some plans as we know more about our guest's plans.
The bill board at the Rockvale junction will be up by May 1. We will put an overlay banner on it in late June for the 2011 celebration then remove it after July 9th.
The 2011 Cody Home show is on April 15 – 16. We are still in need of a few more helpers.
Jerry L presented the financial reports and membership renewal data. We have had a lot of early renewals this spring.
We will not attend the USBR spring water meeting in Billings on April 14 since we already have the data from the conference call on the 5th.
The next board meeting will be in Powell on May 10 at 6:30 in the PVCC meeting room.
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