Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Board of Directors:


  • Ken Grant – Lovell
  • Joe Anderson - Lovell
  • John Nickle - Lovell 
  • Jerry LaFleiche - Powell 
  • Lynn Richardson - Powell
  • President 
  • Tom Newman - Lovell
  • Keith Grant - Lovell
  • Bruce Morrison - Lovell



  • Big Horn County Government
  • Superintendent Bighorn Canyon Nat Rec Area
  • John Keck - Wyoming/Bighorn Canyon Nat Rec Area
  • Angel Montanez – Mayor of Lovell

Bylaws of the Friends of Bighorn Lake

The Friends of Bighorn Lake (FOBHL) shall function under the authority of US IRS Code 501(c)(6). The FOBHL are incorporated in Wyoming (August 2006) as a nonprofit corporation. The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, educational or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.



The mission of the Friends of Bighorn Lake is to build on the recreational, economic and environmental opportunities of Bighorn Lake.



Friends of Bighorn Lake, a 501(c)6 organization was formed to:

Partner as communities and destinations around the lake in our marketing efforts so we can draw a greater number of tourists to Bighorn Lake.

Work with state and federal funding sources to improve the Bighorn Lake infrastructure, such as boat ramps, docks, slips, camping facilities, and silt management.

Work towards the completion and implementation of an updated Bighorn Lake "master plan" that will guide budgets and other decisions for future improvements.

Educate the public about the economic impact of Bighorn Lake, as driven by its superb recreational amenities; further, help business leaders and the public to understand the serious impact of lake levels on these recreationalamenities and in turn on our local economy.

Be the public's voice and work tirelessly to make a good lake great.

Take the lead in volunteer efforts to assist BICA when ever and where ever possible.

A full copy of the bylaws is available by email.






Phone: 1- 307-272-7444

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